AQUAZA OXY 300 – Encapsulated & Activated Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide:

The Aquaza OXY 300 process is a new generation in water treatment and CIP cleaning. The process will eliminate practically all built up encrustations, bacteria, slime, algae and mineral deposits in a way which is time efficient, ecologically harmless, and safe on materials and which does will not harm operating personnel.

The Aquaza process has been tried and tested in Europe and South Africa with results that were significantly above initial expectations.

The Aquaza process is unlike other chemical treatments, since it is entirely environmentally friendly, yet uses powerful products giving thorough results. This allows for accurate dosing and efficient efficacy at extremely low ppm dilutions.When diluted with tap water,  Aquaza remains active for up to 4 weeks depending on dosage and contamination levels and is not affected by photo-degradation (light).

  1. a)  Aquaza OXY 300 oxidises and eliminates pathogens, biofilms and organic pollution in a controlled manner, the amount of Aquaza H2O2 decomposition and oxygen released is in direct response to the amount of oxygen required to neutralise the BOD – Biological Oxygen Demand.

  2. b)  the balance of the Aquaza H2O2 remains stable in the solution. “On Guard” until it encounters more organic pollution.

Aquaza OXY 300 is formulated using organic ingredients, so does not leave any toxic chemical or heavy metal residues once it has performed its task and decomposed into water and Oxygen.

Advantages of Aquaza Hydrogen peroxide versus Hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid mixes:

1.) Aquaza does not contain contaminants, toxic chemicals or heavy metals, so the rinse step after sterilisation is not necessary, this means that:

a.) there is no risk of re-contamination from the water source

b.) the water usually used in rinsing is saved

2.) Aquaza is extremely stable, when diluted with tap water in the same manner as hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid mixes, the sterilant solution can be re-used a minimum of 10 times and stored for up to 4 weeks, this means that:

a.) Aquaza drastically reduces costs spent of sterilants

b.) 90% of the water usually used in the sterilant step is saved

3.) Once the Aquaza solution has been re-used up to 10 times, it still contains enough oxygen to be used to treat BOD/COD of factory effluent water, this means that:

a.) expensive effluent treatment methods and/or equipment are no longer necessary

b.) your CIP sterilant becomes a double use product, contributing to the remediation of effluent instead of adding to it.

When you multiply the savings of using Aquaza over Hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid mixes the savings are impressive. Further advantages include the fact that Aquaza destroys biofilm much more effectively, and yet is far less corrosive on pipes etc.

The stable nature of Aquaza also means that it can be "locked" in overnight for complete biofilm removal in the system, this can be done with any CIP environment, including irrigation pipes.

Start to finish disinfection with Aquaza as preventative steps results in better decontamination than one high dosage application at only one point in the process.

Below is an example of the use of Aquaza throughout an F&B factory.

    1. 1.) Water source – treat incoming water source with 50 ppm Aquaza to neutralise BOD, thus preventing incoming contamination.Water used in cleaning and rinsing now acts a mild disinfectant instead of a potential re-contaminant.

      1. 2.) Process water – disinfection of process water with Aquaza ensures that final products are not contaminated by their water content.

      2. 3.)
        CIP – using Aquaza as the sterilant instead of Hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acid equates to massive water savings. A 1000 ppm Aquaza solution can generally be re-cycled up to 10 times before the H2O2 content is lowered to the point where it needs discarding.

      3. 4.)
        Rinsing is not necessary as Aquaza decomposes into water and oxygen. If rinsing is desired, a 50 ppm Aquaza solution should be used to prevent re-contamination.

        Discarded Aquaza CIP solution still contains H2O2 and can be used to reduce BOD/COD in effluent systems.

      4. 6.)
        Effluent water – City Councils levy fines based on the BOD/COD of effluent water returning to the municipal water system – treating effluent with Aquaza does not involve capital outlay like other effluent treatment systems do.

        Dry fogging of production, storage and transport areas, equipment and containers.

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