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"Bacteria cause only 2 – 10% of acute sinusitis cases. Viruses, such as those from the common cold, are the main cause of acute sinusitis. Antibiotics have zero effect on viruses"

- Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)

H2O2RainDrops Sinus Rinse is a safe and easy to use formulation of pre-diluted Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide - 0.05% H2O2 

 H2O2RainDrops ProductsHydrogen peroxide is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that is effective against anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi.

 H2O2RainDrops Sinus Rinse contains 500 parts per million (ppm) of Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide.

 H2O2RainDrops Sinus Rinse does not dry up your nose, but flushes it clean and leaves it moisturized.

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"The key here is to breathe through your nose, not your mouth. Nitric oxide is found in your nose, so when you breathe through your nose, you carry a small portion of the gas into your lungs. Nitric oxide plays a significant role in homeostasis, or the maintaining of balance within your body. It’s also a significant bronchodilator and vasodilator. The elasticity of your lungs also depends on nasal resistance, which you only get from nasal breathing due to the smaller diameter of your nasal passages. Poor breathing is even associated with poor posture. So, breathing through your nose helps maintain your health in a number of important ways." - Dr Mercola

How do I use H2O2RainDrops 0.05% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide?

Nose: 2 - 3 sprays per nostril. The product is very mild, so can be used multiple times during the day. The H2O2 reaction may cause mild discomfort if your sinuses are dirty, and less so as they become clean.

Ears: 2 - 3 sprays per ear. Lie on your side for 5 minutes after each spray to let the flush penetrate your ear canal and then turn over to let it drain properly.

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Disclaimer: This website and the products presented here do not provide medical or any other health care or fitness advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The site and its services are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical or health advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

H2O2RainDrops Products

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How to tell if you have
a sinus infection:

1. Your head aches

2. Your teeth hurt

3. Your sense of smell is off

4. You have a fever

5. You cough up phlegm

6. You have bad breath

7. Your nose is blocked

8. Your mucus is yellow/green

9. It hurts to move your head

10. You have pain in your face

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