Tests of Aquaza in broiler production done in the EU are summarized as follows:

The trial comprised the treatment of the water supply (20 - 50 ppm) to four sheds on two broiler houses (each with a 200,000 bird capacity) and was compared with the other 4 sheds where the water remained untreated. The trial was conducted over a 5 crop cycle in each broiler house demonstrating the following:-

        -  Pullet mortality reduced by 0.45% and cock mortality by 1.2% in treated houses.
        -  There was a weight gain in the treated houses equivalent to 0.8 g/day for pullets and 1.4 g/day for cocks.
        -  The Food Conversion Ratio (FCR) improved by over 3% in treated houses.
        -  The EPEF (European Poultry Efficiency Factor) improved by 6% in ‚Ä®treated houses.
Independent research done by the Canadian Poultry Council on Hydrogen peroxide in poultry drinking water confirms the above - please click here for the report.

Controlling biofilm on a constant basis is essential. In 24 hrs at 32 deg C, a single E. coli organism can multiply into trillions. Biofilms are a safe haven for pathogen multiplication and a constant source of infection for the flock. Please click here and here to see the Ziggity Systems Inc - Biofilm Technical Sheet for an expert analysis of the issue.

Standard Hydrogen peroxide is too unstable to use effectively at dilutions as low as 50 ppm, as it decomposes in uncontrolled chain reactions almost immediately upon dosing. Unlike Aquaza OXY 300 which is extremely stable and designed to target organic pollution and pathogens in a controlled manner.

Recent testing shows the stability of Aquaza OXY 300 vs standard grade H2O2 through the irrigation system of a 20 meter greenhouse:
Control: 100 ppm standard grade Hydrogen peroxide dosed into the water tank was measured as 20 ppm at the furthermost point of the irrigation system.

Test A: 100 ppm Aquaza dosed into the water tank was measured as 95+ ppm at the furthermost point of the irrigation system.

Test B: 20 ppm Aquaza dosed into the water tank was measured as 18+ ppm at the furthermost point of the irrigation system.

The stability of Aquaza OXY 300, combined with it's activation, make it effective even at low dilutions, allowing for the economical continuous control of biofilm in the drinker lines;

10 - 15 Litres of water per bird over a 6 week life cycle equates to 1.6 - 2.6 South African Rand cents per bird. This cost is more than offset by the improvement in Feed Conversion Ratio, lowered mortality and reduced need for antibiotics.
At present there is limited research on using Hydrogen peroxide continuously in poultry drinking water, mainly due to the unstable nature of H2O2 making it difficult to administer effectively and economically at low dosages. Aquaza OXY 300 overcomes these shortcomings and we believe that given the opportunity to trial the product, we will be able to show poultry producers significant overall savings.

Although Aquaza OXY 300 is relatively new on the market in South Africa, and we have not yet had opportunity to show the benefits of dosing poultry drinking water, we have had excellent success in plant agriculture. Clients achieve faster seed germination, increased growth of seedlings, improved rooting of cuttings and overall healthier plants producing increased harvest yield, merely by dosing 50 ppm Aquaza OXY 300 continuously in the irrigation water - please see our Horticulture and Floriculture pages for more.